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Sat/Sun & school holidays (except public holidays)

Saturday and Sunday until 30 May from 10am to 3pm (excl Anzac Day)
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Users of Manly Surf n Slide facilities, particularly the slide, acknowledge that:

Patrons make use of the facilities of Manly Surf n Slide at their own risk; Patrons using the slide must be taller than 110 cms; The use of the Manly Surf n Slide facilities is a recreational activity within the meaning of the Civil Liability Act NSW and that Manly Surf n Slide is not liable for harm suffered by patrons in respect of any obvious or inherent risks undertaken by patrons at Manly Surf n Slide; Manly Surf n Slide accepts no responsibility for injury loss or damage suffered or incurred by anyone using the facilities of Manly Surf n Slide, particularly the use of the slide, inappropriate use of facilities or any failure to comply with directions by Manly Surf n Slide staff or failure to comply with safety signs; Manly Surf n Slide accepts no responsibility for loss of personal effects. Refunds are not available if a child has already enjoyed more than one slide.

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